About us


We feel proud that we have been a leading performer for more than 35 years. Through the years we have developed step by step within our core buisness. Employees together with long experience, knowledge and good ideas is an important condition for this growth. Our ambition for the future is to keep being responsive and innovative and together with you as our customer finding and developing new successful solutions.

For us to meet ourselves on the other side of the earth we have taken realistic measures and done so amazingly successful. We are constantly working with our international markets by finding new customers outside Sweden. This becomes a reality when we several years have participated in international fairs which have made new international co-operations possible. By our long-term work together with our custumers it becomes a natural next step to follow them on their expansion in the world. Therefore we have high demands to continuously analyze the features of different markets and adapt our products and make offers as attractive as possible. We like to export and have done so for more than 35 years. Our modern production unit and our high skilled personnel make an export co-operation possible. During the years, we have also gained retailers for our products and we are always looking for representatives on new markets.

All of this have done that today we are working in our vision.

Policies – quality and enviroment

PlastoMer Sweden AB is permeated  with good customer service, long-term reflections and quality-consciousness and we are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Company Info

  • Postal address: PlastoMer Sweden AB, P.O.Box 501, SE-593 25 Västervik, Sweden
  • Visiting address: Hultmansgatan 3, 593 32 Västervik, Sweden
  • Telephone:+46(0)490-822 80
  • Telefax:+46(0)490-822 88
  • E-mail: info@plastomer.se
  • VAT nr: SE556039027901