A car drops quickly in value and a way to maintain the resale value of your car is to keep it clean and fresh. It’s good to avoid moisture damage and dull spots in the car. With our trunk liners you avoid that the moisture penetrates in the car textiles because they are one hundred percent waterproof.
Our trunk liners are tailored for each individual vehicle for exact fit and are made from a combination of plastic and rubber, making them extremely durable. The trunk liners also have an edge of four centimeters, making it easy to drain the water, gravel, mud and other debris that may accumulate in the car. This protects your car against corrosion, odors and mildew. The mat can be easily rolled up for storage and it is very easy to clean with water, hard dirt using a mild detergent.


  • Easy collection of dirt and moisture due to the high edges around the mat.
  • Greatly reduced risk of rust.
  • Textile under the carpet is kept clean and dry, preventing odours and mildew/mould.
  • The mat is designed in a way that makes it easy to take out and emptied of dirt.
  • Very durable and can typically be used during the vehicle´s entire life.
  • By protecting the floor of your car with our trunkliner you will increase the resale value of your car and your car will be as clean as it was the first day you bought it!


If you have any further questions or ideas concerning our trunk liners you are welcome to contact us.